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Team leaders face many of the same challenges: it can be hard to detect problems before they become a crisis, your best can quickly become disengaged, and you don't always know what to do to resolve the issues.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

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How it works

Merrio selects single question surveys to give you insights into how your team is feeling - without getting in their way.

Weekly Question

Surveys are sent weekly, either via text or email.

Your team's answers are then presented in a beautiful, intuitive format designed to help you understand the health of your team in a single glance.


(Left-shifted responses indicate things are going well, right-shifted could indicate more attention needed.)

Your AI-Powered Personal Coach

(Coming Soon)

Zoey Monkey

Based on your team's feedback, Zoey - your AI-powered personal coach - selects relevant videos and learning materials for you to take action with your team.

Daniel Pink

Your ratings are then used to further personalize and evolve the library.

What happens, and when?


On Wednesday, your team is asked a single question to measure team health.

Survey questions are selected automatically to give you actionable insights.


On Friday, your team is asked a topical follow-up from the survey that asks them to share their thoughts and insights on how the team can improve.


The following Monday, a summary of the past week is shared with your team.

As a manager, Zoey privately shares with you a selection of helpful materials.

Better understand your team

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